car parking in amsterdam Looking for safe and cheap parking in Amsterdam? We will help you. What are the parking rates and information about parking garages in the center (lots).

About Parking in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the vibrant capital of the Netherlands, attracts millions of visitors each year. While exploring the city's rich culture and attractions, finding parking can be a challenge. However, Amsterdam provides a smart and affordable solution for drivers through its Park and Ride (P+R) facilities. In this article, we will delve into the details of Amsterdam's Park and Ride system, including the benefits, rates, eligibility criteria, and locations.

Street parking in the Amsterdam city centre

We won't recommend you to park your car along one of the canals in the city centre. There is very limited space available and the fee is very high: 7,5 euro per hour in Amsterdam city centre. We don't recommened you to park on the street if you're staying longer then a couple of ours.
Our Advice:

Smart Parking at these Park and Ride Locations in Amsterdam

gratis parkeren amsterdam
In Amsterdam you have the possiblity to park very cheap at some park and ride locations of Mobihub.
At some of the locations you can park free if you also reserve a bike. A nice way to visit Amsterdam by bike.

Parkeren in Amsterdam Expensive? There are cheap parkings!

Recommended Parking Garages

goedkoop parkeren parkeergarage amsterdam
Tip from our editors: There are much cheaper parking garages in Amsterdam! Here you can park up to 30% cheaper!
Want to be sure of a place? Book in advance...
Cancellation and change is possible up to 1 hour before arrival.
What a good tip!

Park and Ride Locations in Amsterdam

Park and Ride (P+R) is a convenient parking option that allows drivers to park their cars on the outskirts of Amsterdam and use excellent public transport connections to reach the city center. These car parks are strategically located near motorways, making it easy for visitors to access them.
The primary advantage of using the Park and Ride system is the cost-effectiveness. Parking in a P+R car park costs only €6 or €13 per 24 hours, with a maximum parking time of up to 96 hours (subject to exceptions). This makes it an attractive option for visitors who plan to explore Amsterdam's city center.
The governement in Amsterdam has also some P+R locations. You can park here for a reasonable daily rate.
Be informed: to get the cheap parking rate you've to visit the city of amsterdam by public transport.

Park and Ride locations around Amsterdam

The rates for parking in a P+R facility are calculated based on peak and off-peak hours. The off-peak rate is €6 per day and is valid from Monday to Friday after 10:00 and throughout the weekend and public holidays. The peak rate, on the other hand, is €13 per day and applies to arrivals before 10:00 from Monday to Friday.
It's essential to note that the maximum parking duration in a P+R facility is four days, except for P+R RAI, where the maximum parking time is 24 hours. To avail the discounted P+R parking rate, you must travel into the city center zone using your OV-chipkaart or P+R GVB card(s), which should be purchased within one hour of parking.
Upon your return, the P+R payment machines verify whether your last check-in on your return journey took place in the city center zone. If it does, you will be entitled to the discounted P+R parking rate. However, if your last check-in was outside the city center zone, you will have to pay the regular parking rate.
Additionally, it's crucial to pay your P+R fee within one hour of checking out of public transport before departing from the facility. It's worth mentioning that the discounted P+R parking rate does not apply to onward journeys by other means of transport such as taxis, bikes, or walking. Cheap parking space can be found in one of the nine guarded P+R locations near the highways A10 and A2.
One day parking for € 13,-, with arrival before 10 o'clock.
If you arrive after 10.00 hours in the morning you'll park for a promotional fee of € 6,- for one day! The maximum time to park for the promotional fee is 96 hours (4 days).
After that you'll pay the regular parking rate. (till € 3,50 per hour depending on the location)
To get the cheap parking rate it's important that you travel with public transport to the city centre of Amsterdam. You can buy special park and ride tickets public transport tickets at the P+R location. • P+R Amsterdam Arena- Burg.Stramanweg 130 - 1101 EP AMSTERDAM
- exit Transferium, A2
P+R Amsterdam Bos en Lommer - Leeuwendalersweg 23b - 1055 JE AMSTERDAM
- exit S104, A10.
P+R Amsterdam Olympisch Stadion - Olymp.Stadion 44 - 1076 DE AMSTERDAM
- exit S108, A10.
P+R Amsterdam Sloterdijk West - Piarcoplein 1 - 1043 DW AMSTERDAM
- exit S102, A10.
P+R Amsterdam RAI Exhibition Center - Europaplein - NL 1078 GZ AMSTERDAM
- exit S109, A10.
P+R Amsterdam ZEEBURG l en ll - Zuiderzeeweg 46 -1095 KJ AMSTERDAM
- exit S114, A10.
P+R Amsterdam VUmc - Gustav Mahlerlaan 3004 - 1081 LA AMSTERDAM
- exit S108, A10 (only available in the weekends)

How to Use Amsterdam's Park and Ride (P+R)

Using Amsterdam's Park and Ride system is simple and straightforward. Here's a step-by-step guide:
Upon arrival at the P+R facility, collect a car park ticket as you enter the location. Do not use your credit card at the entrance, as it does not provide the P+R discount. Some P+R locations now scan your car's registration number upon arrival instead of providing paper tickets.
If you require public transport tickets, head to the blue ticket machine to purchase P+R GVB card(s). Remember to do this within one hour of parking.
Follow the signs to the nearest public transport connection and check in at the transport stop or vehicle by holding your card next to the electronic card reader.
When exiting the vehicle or transport stop, don't forget to check out. Keep your P+R GVB card or P+R ticket safe during your visit to retain the discount. Losing them will require you to pay the normal parking fee.

P+R Ticket

Please bear in mind that the P+R chip card is only valid for traveling to and from the P+R location (one hour each way) and not for continuous use in the city center. Additionally, P+R GVB cards are not valid on special night buses, trains, or Connexxion or Arriva bus services. However, if you have a private OV-chipkaart, you can use it for travel via NS trains and Connexxion bus services.

Car parks Amsterdam city centre

The car parks are even more expensive. While the hourly rates are almost the same as the street, the 24 hours parking rates vary up to € 70.00. Outside the city centre the rates are more reasonable.
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tip parkeren amsterdam havengebouw
Naast de P+R locaties van de Gemeente Amsterdam zijn er ook mobiliteitshubs in Amsterdam. Hier kunt u verder lopen, het openbaar vervoer pakken of een fiets huren. Bij sommige hubs kunt u dan geheel gratis parkeren!
NIEUW: Slimme P+R locaties in Amsterdam.
tip gratis parkeren
In Amsterdam zijn mobiliteitshub geopend.
Je kunt bij deze slimme P+R locaties in Amsterdam gratis parkeren als je een (elektrische) fiets reserveert.
Onze redactie is super enthousiast.
Bekijk deze slimme P+R locaties

P+R Parkeren is Goedkoop parkeren in Amsterdam

Betaal slechts v.a. 6 euro per 24 uur voor parkeren als je met het openbaar vervoer naar het centrumgebied van Amsterdam gaat.
Lees meer op: P+R Amsterdam

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